SCORE Recommendation

Rod Birdsong, Executive Director of the McDowell Chamber of Commerce, recommended the SCORE program to me. I have been very pleased with the business knowledge, advice, and support provided to me through Asheville SCORE.

I met with Bill Mance, former Vice President of Human Resources for Mission Hospital, and Greg Jones, CPA. Bill and Greg listened to my ideas and asked the right questions to lead me in the development of my business plan. They also referred me to the very helpful resources available on the Asheville SCORE web site.

I developed a Power Point slide presentation for our business using the same outline as a business plan. Bill and Greg reviewed it and made some adjustments before I presented it to potential lenders. The visual aids have given me an effective way to present our business to the major stakeholders in the business including business partners, lenders, family members, business associates, and vendors.

Bill and Greg have been valuable mentors. They have made strategic recommendations to improve the profitability of our business and have given insight to improve the professional presentation of our business to others.

As Bill and Greg have pointed out, the major function of a business plan is to force you to think through every aspect of your business and what it will take to be successful. Having obtained the financing we need, we are now using our presentation to improve our efficiency and profitability. This also gives us a tool to document the techniques we have used to develop our business.

I highly recommend the SCORE program. Not only do you have an opportunity to learn business skills by meeting with experienced and highly successful business executives, they also customize their advice to your particular needs.

Thank you! I look forward to an ongoing, successful relationship with Asheville SCORE and hope to be able to help someone in the future in the same way they have helped me.

Chip Cross, Business Administration Instructor, McDowell Technical Community College; Real Estate Investor

July 27, 2011