SCORE Mentors Redwine Home Services to Success

Paul Redwine has exhibited the entrepreneurial spirit since he was a boy. Growing up in his neighborhood, he would offer to cut his neighbors’ lawns to earn some extra money. Later, he sold Fuller Brushes and continued to enjoy the challenge of being a businessman. Paul also took the time to work in youth ministry and preach at a local church. While in a sales position for a pest control company, Paul noticed that many customers would ask for help with moles and lawn care. Sensing an opportunity, he decided to go into business for himself.

Paul Redwine
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Cincinnati OH
United States
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After visiting the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Web site, Paul found some information on SCORE. He attended a local workshop on how to start a business and signed up for additional mentoring with SCORE Mentor John Zuske.

Paul’s business serves an affluent area, and it already is paying off. He has begun using Google AdWords, as well as Valpak advertisements, to promote his pest and lawn care services and grow the business.

What's Great About My Mentor?

SCORE Mentor John Zuske reviewed Paul’s business plan and helped him with his profit and expense projections. “John helped me know what I was getting into,” Paul says. “He really helped me think things through, things I hadn’t thought about before, as well as what to expect.”

John also helped Paul develop a relationship with an accountant to help him with the financial side of his business. And, his advice helped Paul’s wife feel more at ease with this new business venture. “I see owning a business as the best avenue to support my family,” Paul says.

Paul adds, “In the future, I want to take more of a management position so I can spend more time with them. With someone else running it, I can be more active in the ministry too.”

How SCORE Helped

Paul credits SCORE for helping him achieve his success. “John made me think of the little things that can save thousands of dollars down the road. He helped me see things I had overlooked. I enjoyed working with SCORE.”