SCORE Mentor Steers Janegee Towards Success

Jane Gee, a certified Holistic Esthitician, Flower Essence Practitioner and Aromatherapist had a goal is to make luxurious natural, beauty treatments accessible to everyone. She had over 25 years of experience as an aesthetician and thus approached SCORE in 2010 with an idea for an e-commerce site for her natural skincare products.   After teaming up with SCORE mentor Michael Scala and doing a little research, the pair realized the incredible potential for a brick-and-mortar retail location for her proposed business.

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The Janegee retail location opened in November 2010 to rave reviews.  Jane manufactures over a dozen natural, organic cosmetic and skincare products herself and also offers Fair Trade jewelry, teas, bowls, baskets and other specialty goods both in her store and online.  Jane is also an artist and offers many of her own pieces in the store as well.  Every product in the store is truly handmade.

What's Great About My Mentor?

With 25 years of experience in the beauty and wellness field under her belt, Jane was well-equipped to provide fantastic products and services to her customers.  Her mentor, Michael Scala, guided her to do so in a way that would make for a financially solvent business.  He provided advice in numerous areas of owning a small business including accounting, marketing, production, supply chain management and retail management.

How SCORE Helped

Jane attended two SCORE workshops at her local Seacoast chapter that focused on how to start a business and how to use the internet for business success.  Developing a user-friendly and attractive webstore has played an important role in her business’ success.