SCORE Mentor Gives Floyd Fence Company Resources for Success

Alicia Lopez was studying for her MBA at The Citadel when the opportunity to purchase the fence company her husband worked for presented itself.  He had the industry experience and she had the business studies but they wisely turned to SCORE for advice from seasoned professionals who had logged years of experience in starting and running successful small businesses.  Floyd Fence now specializes in aluminum and custom fences for Tri-county residents that wish to protect or add beauty and style to their homes with quality constructed, long lasting fences.

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During their first two years of ownership the company enjoyed solid growth.  While Floyd Fences started by serving the residential market, they have since expanded to serve commercial and industrial markets. Their largest commercial project is the Island House Pool, Fitness Center & Playground at Seabrook Island.  They currently have 2 full time employees and up to 10 part time employees depending on the project.  The North Charleston business has been so successful that it earned SCORE Coastal’s 2010 Small Business of the Year award after just one year in business.

What's Great About My Mentor?

SCORE mentor Joseph Conti advised the husband and wife duo on many facets of business ownership including accounting, advertising, business plan development, obtaining financing, analyzing cash flow, human resource management and marketing.

How SCORE Helped

Of SCORE’s aid in their success Tristan comments, "They helped us out with any little questions we had.  They wanted us to succeed as bad as we did. It's free information, and they were extremely helpful. We started when the economy was not very good. We were iffy about it, and they advised us to keep overhead as low as possible so that when business was slow, we could ride it out. On a scale of 1 to 10, their help was a 10."