SCORE Mentor Advices Social Betty

With guidance from San Diego SCORE, entrepreneur Heather Nelson is using her Social Betty Web site to help ease tough economic times for the local hospitality industry.

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Launched in January 2008, connects venues and event organizers who are planning events, both private and corporate.  Organizers simply post their event’s details, free of charge, and tell the venues what they want and details about their needs.  In turn, venues fill the requests of the organizer in order to fill available space and generate more revenue.

“In addition to helping event planners, many venues benefit from using Social Betty because they now have greater opportunity to generate additional revenue that would otherwise expire at the end of each business day, especially during non-peak hours, slower weeknights and vacant times,” Leslie says.

In the first quarter of 2009, Social Betty Web site traffic increased by more than 200 percent over the previous quarter and the event organizer and venue registrations have nearly doubled.  Nelson is finalizing the second phase of her Web site design, which features a new look and more user-friendly components.  As Nelson prepares to offer Social Betty’s services nationwide, she continues to work with Dick Leslie on strategic planning, raising capital, and managing overall operations of her company.

Social Betty has been featured on the local FOX, CW and ABC news stations as well as in Pacific San Diego magazine and The Daily Aztec.

What's Great About My Mentor?

“When I was getting my first business off the ground, I attended the Tax Considerations for Small Business workshop and the Women’s Networking Breakfast, which led me to several free counseling sessions with various SCORE mentors,” Nelson says.  “After I started Social Betty, I contacted SCORE again and was linked up with San Diego SCORE Mentor Dick Leslie, who has been instrumental in helping me obtain financing, hire a team of sales contractors and create a pay structure and work parameters.”

Nelson continues to use SCORE’s services as Social Betty grows.  “I look forward to working with Dick and San Diego SCORE in the near future on the company’s strategy for growth as I will be expanding Social Betty’s reach to Orange County and Los Angeles and eventually expand the Web site nationwide,” Nelson says.

How SCORE Helped

Nelson recognized a need for increased communication among event planners and restaurants, hotels and nightclubs.  She had utilized SCORE’s service when starting her first business in 2004, and when she needed assistance with financing and hiring sales contractors for Social Betty, she contacted SCORE once again.