Royal Riding

As part of her job, Kris Hart-Zamecki regularly coached young women in the foster care system to follow their dreams.  Then one day, she realized she needed to follow her own advice.  After years in the motorcycle industry, she had the experience and insight necessary to develop a great product.  All she needed was a little insight into the basics of business planning from the experts at SCORE to help her create a successful business out of it.

Kris Hart-Zamecki
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Ventura CA
United States
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My Successes

Royal Riding designs, manufactures and sells custom seat covers for motorcycles, wheelchairs, saddles and truck cabs.  The company’s mission is to “enhance your riding experience better than you ever imagined.”

Thanks to a $50,000 loan from the EDC-VC, Royal Riding has been able to purchase new product, solicit new distributors, develop new product lines and hire two additional employees.

The company recently received a Spirit of Small Business Award from the Pacific Coast Business Times.  In just three years, sales have soared to 19 times their first year’s revenue!

What's Great About My Mentor?

Of her SCORE mentors Kris comments, “When I walked into SCORE I was on the brink of bankruptcy, they walked me through a batch of bad product, employee theft, business plan development and expansion, and kept me accountable with my own financial reports.  But most importantly, they have been my biggest cheerleaders when I wasn’t sure if I could do this or not!”

How SCORE Helped

Kris came to SCORE already having started her business but with no clear plan for where it was going.  She said, “I had not written a business plan, I had done everything backward.  At this point, the only things going for me were a great product and determination!”  She says the “How to Write a Business Plan” workshop taught by mentor Michael Scotto made her fall in love with SCORE and put her on the fast track to a clear vision for the company and ultimately obtaining the financing she needed.  Kris said, “Without SCORE I would have never known of this loan agency, the EDC-VC, and I would have been bankrupt.  Now I’m flourishing.”

My Mentors