Roman Music Therapy Service

Meredith Roman Pizzi
My Location
423 Main Street
Melrose MA 02176
United States
Year Company Formed
How SCORE Helped

I have been meeting with my SCORE Advisor on a monthly basis for the last two
years and in that time, I have grown tremendously as a business owner. His
experience in various facets of business management and leadership have helped
me to consider the challenges I face in new ways. He has helped me to come up
with creative and successful solutions to a variety of issues including time
management, hiring and growing my team, cash flow and financial projections,
and marketing my programs. His insights, experience and wisdom have been
invaluable to me and the growth of my business. In addition, when there have
been questions outside of his area of expertise, we have scheduled meetings
with other SCORE Advisors who have significant knowledge in areas such as
sales and insurance.

I highly recommend SCORE to any business owner I meet as it helps you to
separate yourself from the daily tasks in the business and actually take time
to work on your business growth and strategies. It has been instrumental for
me in the growth of my business and my entrepreneurial skills.