P.J. Abramson, Inc. Succeeds By Using Advice From SCORE Mentor

After years of experience making hand-crafted jewelry and working as the chief buyer for a small jewelry store, gemologist Pam Abramson decided she was finally ready to go into business for herself. Her dream was to make money by writing appraisals of fine jewelry.

She contacted SCORE to learn more about the business basics. This led to an ongoing, 20-year mentoring relationship with SCORE Mentor Joe Lefkowitz.

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Pam is proud of her store’s staff and her reputation for honesty. “Credibility is everything,” she says. “My philosophy is to tell the customer the truth and let them make the decision.”

Pam has turned to her mentor time and time again as her business has grown from a second-floor office to an elegant retail store in Winter Park’s shopping district. Recently, Joe has been helping her position her store against big retailers.

What's Great About My Mentor?

Joe advised Pam that, in order to make a living in the Orlando market, she also would have to sell jewelry in addition to doing appraisals. He also helped her develop her business plan before she opened her first store.

“Joe understands the jewelry business,” says Pam. “He has gone out of his way to come into the business and offer advice. He’ll even get into details like suggesting that I put a piece of jewelry in a display case so that customers can see it better.”

“I talk to Joe at least once a month,” Pam says. “He will stop in, ask if I have any questions and offer some suggestions. He still advises me to this day!”