Partnering Resources Succeeds By Using Advice From SCORE Mentor

During her career in the field of organizational development and change, Maya Townsend helped clients align people and resources to achieve their goals. So when she began planning her own enterprise called Partnering Resources, Maya looked to SCORE to fill her knowledge gaps.

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“It’s a challenge to maintain a steady cash flow during natural ebb and flows of work,” she says. “Pete mentored me to anticipate this issue and identify ways of mitigating those effects. With his guidance, I’ve secured several long-term clients and developed partnerships with colleagues in complementary fields. Although most start-ups don’t break even in their first year, Pete has me on track to make a profit.”

Recently Maya appeared in Women's Business Boston magazine. She is currently collaborating on a book about how complex organizations can improve decision-making processes.

“I’m very busy, very happy and very grateful to SCORE,” she says. “Everything goes back to the thinking I did with Pete when I was developing my business plan. He and Bob have been accessible, encouraging and very knowledgeable.”

What's Great About My Mentor?

A call to Worcester, MA SCORE put Maya in touch with mentor Peter Allen, a retired business development consultant. “Pete was absolutely tremendous,” Maya says. “He coached me through my business plan and asked challenging questions that I hadn’t considered. He got me to think about all the practical aspects to running a business—projecting finances, handling insurance—and how to do them. What’s more, his advice helped me land three clients before I formally started my practice.”

Even with such a fast start, Maya knew she needed a solid marketing strategy. To get objective feedback on her Web site, she tapped SCORE’s online counseling resources and contacted Bob Ross. “Bob critiqued my ideas about format and content and provided examples of other website to look at,” she says. “It was so easy, yet I received so much valuable information and advice.”

How SCORE Helped

SCORE helped Maya by setting the foundation for success with her business plan. SCORE played an important role in guiding Maya through her first year in business—a critical “make-or-break” period for many entrepreneurs.

Maya still works closely with her SCORE mentors. Maya says, “SCORE offers such a tremendous service, I can’t believe everyone doesn’t use it. The quality of mentoring and advice is great. I couldn’t have gotten this far this fast without them.”