MarketSmart Succeeds with the help of SCORE

Greg Warner started MarketSmart in 2005 blending smart thinking with unique technologies to generate marketing that works. Over the next three years Greg built MarketSmart into a profitable business with a large list of clients. He had worked hard to establish his business, and was making some profits, but he wanted a lot more. When he talked to a friend, who was a small business owner herself, Greg was pointed in the direction of SCORE.

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In 2011 Greg showed a respected experienced consultant the plans he was working on with his SCORE mentor. The consultant looked them over and said, "What you're doing is game changing". This gave Greg confidence in his decision to go full speed ahead with his reworked strategies.

MarketSmart is on track for a full unveiling of their new game changing approach in January of 2014. The progress since 2011 has led to Greg and MarketSmart being named SCORE Washington D.C.'s 2013 Business of the Year.

2013 SCORE business of the year

What's Great About My Mentor?

Greg Warner came to Henry "Hal" Shelton and SCORE because his gut said to do what his brain was against. He had a safe profitable business, but he knew he could do more. Greg says that Hal made everything, "make sense". Hal sat down with Greg to look at MarketSmart and pointed out it wasn't just one thing that needed to be overhauled. Together, they came to the realization that if Greg wanted to go to the next level then he needed to go backwards.

Greg and Hal began to work on each aspect of the business with what Greg calls, "homework". They started on the business plan, then insurance, and even tackled MarketSmart's accounting practices. Hal has helped Greg form a plan going forward that is going to give MarketSmart the success they envisioned.

How SCORE Helped

SCORE helped Greg uncover the parts of his business that needed to be worked on from his business plan to his accounting. From July 2011 to today, the change in MarketSmart has been dramatic. The plans for the future are bright as Greg restructured his business. He is prepared for 2014 when the levels he strived for in 2011 will become a reality.

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