Lullaby Maternity, LLC - Teri Weiss-Lohrei

Lullaby maternity, LLC was established in 2004 by Teri Weiss-Lohrei. Teri is the only employee, with all manufacturing, packaging and shipping done under subcontract.

Teri Initially targeted only the maternity market with polyurethane memory foam support pillows. The pillows are configured in a set of two joined by a Velcro® strip. The pillows can be used together as a set or individually.

Teri Weiss-Lohrei
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In recent months, Teri has expanded her market to orthopedics, specifically hip, knee and shoulder post surgery support requirements.

Teri was on QVC in May 2007, and is scheduling another showing in the near future. She is also exploring joint venture opportunities with two successful maternity/sleep comfort product on the west coast and the other on the east coast.