Love My Jean Skirt Receives Help From SCORE

When Theresa Drazba wanted to take her clothing business out of her sewing room, and into the store-fronts of Hannibal, she knew she couldn’t do it alone. A year ago Theresa discovered SCORE, and now her business has grown as fast as her reputation. Theresa’s dream didn’t begin with SCORE, but it did flourish when she met her SCORE mentor. Her story started during one of the worst times of her life.
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Theresa Drazba
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Hannibal MO
United States
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As a mother of ten,Theresa has found life to be bursting at the seams, which fits as she finds serenity in her sewing room at home. A devout member of the Pentecostal faith, Theresa struggled to find modest clothing that reflected her beliefs. She has always found it easier to make her own clothing to fit the standards she upholds. During the rough patches of life Theresa has always retreated to her sewing room to work on her latest fashions, and escape the stress. It was one of these rough patches than lead to her small business, Love My Jean Skirt.

Theresa had been navigating a particularly stressful time in her life, and luckily kept from pulling her hair out by turning a nice pair of jeans into a fashionable jean skirt. After finishing her new skirt she decided to unveil her latest design at church. It was a smashing success as Theresa received not only praise from her fellow parishioners, but was also encouraged to sell her fashions by one of the directors of the Pentecostal church, Mathew Johnson. Theresa followed his advice and started selling her clothes on Facebook. Her fashions became such a success she soon learned that the clothing business run out of her sewing room was too big for one woman, even a mother of ten.

What's Great About My Mentor?


Theresa decided it was time to expand to the store-fronts of Hannibal, Missouri. She quickly discovered she had friends in SCORE. Theresa met with SCORE Mentors, retired members of the business world, who helped her take her business from her home to the main streets of Hannibal. One Mentor from Illinois was a former banker who showed Theresa how to find financial backing for her business. He worked with her for six months on a business plan that involved extensive research, making contacts in the financial world, and a little prayer. With the help of her SCORE Mentor, Theresa was ready to meet with her bank.

When asked about her experience with her bank Theresa said, “I had a thorough and complete business plan. Everything I did, I projected long term.” The bank was impressed with Theresa’s detailed plan for starting her small business. Soon she had the backing to open the doors on Love My Jean Skirt, the first of hopefully many modest fashion stores.

How SCORE Helped

Now with the success of Love My Jean Skirt, and the help Theresa receives from her SCORE Mentors, instead of orders for one or two skirts, she finds herself shipping out orders for hundreds of skirts. The same jean skirt that was just a way to take Theresa’s mind off her problems has become the jean skirt that has built a fashion empire. When asked about working with SCORE Theresa says, “I now believe the American dream is real”.