Lounge Pac Succeeds By Using Advice From SCORE Mentor

Daniel Pedemonte is one of those inventors who has been able to bring his invention - Lounge Pac - to fruition.  When Dan needed an experienced business advisor who could give him guidance in the manufacture, promotion and marketing of his product, he reached out to SCORE where he met Mentor Earl Shraiberg.

Daniel Pedemonte
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Dan invented and patented Lounge Pac, a novel lounge chair with built-in coolers, speakers, headrest, removable pouches and an attached umbrella—the ideal lounge chair.  After having an order cancel with Frontgate in 2008, Dan stuck to his program and landed his first deal with Hamacher Schlemer in the spring of 2011.

Dan’s lounge chair was a success and won the Hammacher Schlemmer National Invention Competition.

Today, Lounge Pac is seeing a steady growth in sales due to Dan’s perseverance and ingenuity and, in large part, to Earl Shraiberg’s sound advice.

What's Great About My Mentor?

Earl Shraiberg helped Dan by acting as a sounding board for marketing, sales and negotiations with large prospective buyers.  After years of effort, Dan, with Earl’s advice, was able in the Spring of 2011 to work out a deal with Hammacher Schlemmer, which has since  been a major outlet for the product.

Dan says, "Earl  is a gem. His advice on all matters associated with this type of business is/was invaluable. He is a wealth of knowledge and experience. His help was always timely and his advice was always dead on."

How SCORE Helped

SCORE served as Dan's sounding board as well as helped Dan with factory negotiations.

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