The Law Office of Jared Levinson, PC Succeeds With Help From SCORE Mentor

After years of working abroad, Jared Levinson knew exactly what it was like to try to return to a normal civilian life in the U.S.  The experience of his veteran family and friends made evident the difficulties in trying to access the resources and benefits afforded to veterans.  The Veterans Law Office of Jared Levinson, P.C. represents Jared's vision to bring legal services to America’s military veterans and their families. The Veterans Law Office was established as a professional corporation in March 2012.

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Jared Levinson, Esq.
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1200 S. Washington St, #1311
Easton MD 21601
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My Successes

The practice of The Veterans Law Office is unique among law offices. Jared is permitted to represent veterans and family members from around the globe who have VA benefits claims before the U.S Department of Veteran’s Affairs and in related court cases. While there is a large geographical market and a defined population, accessing the target market and establishing a brand that has sustainability was important. Among his successes is the creation of VETS-TV, a program dedicated to issues facing veterans and their families on a Maryland Eastern Shore public access channel (MCTV 15 in Easton, MD). The VETS-TV programs are re-broadcast over YouTube resulting so far in exposure with viewers in 30 U.S. states and 22 foreign countries. He has also appeared on a local radio station broadcast throughout the mid-Shore area. Through VETS-TV, he has built relationships with local veterans organizations by taping programs at local veterans events and sponsoring local veterans events.

Jared has also created a website that effectively shows his differentiated services The nature of resolving veteran’ claims for benefits means many months, and in some cases, years of pursuing resolution. After establishing his brand for the core competency of VA claims, Jared identified an opportunity to vertically integrate his practice while maintaining his focus on serving veterans and their families. He found that issues affecting the general population regarding consumer problems, bankruptcy, business planning and other areas of legal practice affect veterans, perhaps in exaggerated numbers. He tweaked his practice offerings to include a general law practice for veterans beyond VA claims and is now pursuing clients in the expanded practice.

When asked about his level of satisfaction with the practice development, Jared says, “I’m extremely pleased with the efforts and activities employed and I am pleased with the client pipeline that has developed over the past year. I’m never going to be satisfied with where the practice is as to its activity because I believe we can always do more.”

Jared’s plan did not include hiring staff initially out of a desire to stay close to potential clients and with those clients with whom he has established relationships. He knows that he will ultimately need additional legal, paralegal, and administrative staff to manage the volume as the pipeline grows but he is resisting as long as he can out of his desire to stay close to the clients.

What's Great About My Mentor?

Jared says, "SCORE has been helpful in providing me macro and micro assistance. They have helped with the bigger picture with marketing and understanding bigger issues and opportunities and more detailed items including advertising campaign that is logical and easy to follow, business cards, and myriad other details."

How SCORE Helped

Jared connected with SCORE by happenstance while establishing a local banking relationship. The bank manager, Steve Dolbow, chair of the Maryland Mid-Shore Chapter for SCORE, recommended he use SCORE services. He was referred to Ed French, SCORE mentor and ADD for the Eastern Shore. Throughout 2012 Jared exemplified that he had a vision and he was willing to work hard to achieve it. Through his creativity and following through on ideas discussed in his counseling sessions, he has made tremendous inroads in branding and building pipeline momentum.

My Mentors