Lake Mountain, Ltd. Succeeds With Help From SCORE Mentor

Ever wanted to find out what’s important to your customers or employees?  Lake Mountain LTD was incorporated to share with other businesses the benefits of data-driven decision-making. The Lake Mountain team employs the expertise of two PhD’s with extensive backgrounds in interviewing and data analysis to design custom surveys that provide demographic analysis and market research.  They then use this information to help organizations grow by knowing which benefits their members, clients or customers value most.  Maryjane Osa and Thomas Durkin clearly had valuable expertise to offer and sought SCORE’s help to turn that value into a business.

Maryjane Osa and Thomas E. Durkin
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United States
What's Great About My Mentor?

Esh Noojibail patiently worked with the company’s principals as they made the transition from an academic environment to a pragmatic, business-oriented one.  He coached them on improving their elevator speeches and presentation techniques through the use of body language.  With years of experience and a well-trained eye, Esh also aided the clients in refining their products and services, specifically teaching the business owners how to make their presentation reports concise, eye-catching and reader friendly.

How SCORE Helped

Maryjane and Thomas reflect on the impact SCORE has had on their business noting, “SCORE Chicago has been very helpful, both in providing business development seminars and one-on-one mentoring services.  The mentoring sessions and seminars have emphasized how to market a product and how to establish a selling process.”