KUB Technologies, Inc.

Kub Technologies, Inc. is a 2005 start up technology business. The company sells technology optons for medical and other problems using specialized X-Ray technology.  The owner has been a continuing client of Greater Bridgeport SCORE since 2005. In 2005, with a combined expertise of over 100 years in x-ray technology, KUBTEC engineers brought the XPERT family of digital cabinet x-ray systems to the market.

Vikram Butani
My Location
240 Rowe Avenue, Unit E
Milford CT 06460
United States
Year Company Formed
My Successes

The company has grown to be an international company with multiple locations.

What's Great About My Mentor?

Score counselors help the company president "think outside of the box."

How SCORE Helped

The counselors at SCORE have played an important role in advising Kubtec.  I called upon their expertise and savvy on a number of occasions in matters ranging from management and human resources to sales and business development. On other occasions SCORE counselors acted as a sounding board, helping me sift through an issue and identify the best course of action, with their depth and range of experience. But, the most important aspect of SCORE’s role in Kubtec’s success was the way SCORE counselors helped me think through my concerns and arrive at solutions by myself.  This taught me how to analyze and resolve issues on my own, rather than having them spoon-feeding me answers. This, I believe, has given me, not only with the wealth of their knowledge, but also the ability to employ this knowledge, something that would have taken me  a number of years and mistakes  to achieve. – Vikram Butani

COUNSELOR’S COMMENTS: During our six plus year relationship and more than 45 sessions, we have covered almost every area of business. The discussions were complete and open with a full trust in the confidential nature of any and all topics. We have watched Kubtec grow, develop and prosper. Mr. Butani is an on-going success story. He consistently asked questions in a manner that required our counselors to thoughtfully explain their advice. Our partnership is and will continue to be a growing experience for both the client and the counselors. 

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