Kombuchick Succeeds With Help From SCORE Mentor

Upon her graduation from Virginia Tech, Leslie Crews decided to upgrade her lifestyle and nutritional habits through new routines and by eliminating unhealthy elements in her diet.  She began brewing kombucha as a substitute to junk-food drinks of all kinds, and began taking her bottled kombucha to potlucks, socials, and other events.  It was a hit and soon she found herself receiving orders!  Kombuchick: A Kombucha Bar & Microbrewery Co. was not far behind.


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Leslie Crews
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Norfolk VA
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Kombuchick is a kombucha bar and microbrewing company. Kombucha is a nonalcoholic, probiotic fermented tea that has been touted for its numerous health benefits.  Kombuchick is one of a handful of kombucha microbreweries on the east coast; one of three registered Minority and Woman- owned kombucha companies in the region; and their goal is to become the Mid Atlantic region's premier female- owned kombucha microbrewery by 2015.

They have been able to spread their message and product through vending the nonalcoholic drinks at music festivals, parties and galas, trade shows, and other avenues - key pockets in the market discovered with the help of their SCORE mentor to be strategic for telling their story and selling their brew.

Buzz is certainly building around the business; it has recently been featured on BlissTree and in Veer Magazine's "Summer Beers/ Brews to Watch For" July 2012 edition.  Leslie says of this feature, “This juxtaposition of a non-alcoholic, woman-owned brewing company alongside prominent, male-dominated brewing icons was monumental for us.“

How SCORE Helped

Leslie says, “Through our relationship with our local SCORE office, we have been able to successfully set reachable yet challenging growth goals and benchmarks, have been able to expand our customer and networking base, and have helped to encourage young women in our community to follow their dreams. Kombuchick, with help from SCORE, has successfully been able to discover and fill our niche market within the urban scene of coastal Virginia, which has been the first step towards becoming the premier woman- and minority- owned kombucha company in the Mid Atlantic region.”