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SETTING THE FOUNDATION FOR LONG-TERM SUCCESS – IT360                                                              September 6, 2013

IT360, Inc. was founded in February of 2006 by Don Dawson and Matt Machala, its current President
and Vice President respectively. Their vision was to offer small and medium-sized businesses the same
support levels that were available to larger corporations, at a fraction of the cost to hire a full-time, inhouse
support staff.

Soon after founding the company, Don and Matt began to meet with mentors from SCORE Peoria. As
specific issues arose, SCORE Peoria was able to bring in four different mentors to apply the right skills
and expertise at the right time for each topic.

Matt Machala, Vice President of IT360, explained, “In the past, our SCORE Counselors helped guide us
though the strategies of managing sustainable growth, the hiring process and our marketing approach.
They also helped with the loan process at one point to facilitate growth for our company.”

Today, IT360 continues to build on its reputation as a trusted advisor to companies and organizations
throughout central Illinois, the Midwest and overseas by providing proactive, cost effective business
technology solutions.

“Much of the progress and success that IT360 has achieved to date can be closely attributed to the
relationship and guidance that we received years ago through our SCORE Counselors,” said Don
Dawson, President of IT360. “In these challenging economic times, we find that the foundation that was
laid then, and the advice that we have received over the years, is more relevant today than ever before.”
IT360 is now a successful small business that is growing, building on the solid foundation that SCORE
Peoria helped them establish in 2006-2010.

IT360 is the IT department for companies that don't have an IT staff, and serves clients in the US and
overseas .

Please visit the SCORE Peoria website ( ) or the national SCORE website
( ) for more information.             For a mentoring appointment, call 676-0755.