Homes and Harbors Real Estate

“I knew the real estate business inside-out, but counted on SCORE for advice in the personnel area as my new venture started to grow quickly"

Bruce Davis
My Location
Harpswell, ME
United States
Year Company Formed
My Successes

Setting out on his own in 2000, Bruce has seen his Homes & Harbors Real Estate business grow to 10 agents and brokers and a consolidated number one position in Harpswellreal estate over the last few years, with an ever-increasing standing all along the Portland to Wiscasset waterfront. Although growth came very quickly in the early days so did possible concerns on the personnel front. It was at this point that Bruce set up a counseling session with Portland SCORE.

What's Great About My Mentor?

SCORE counsellors talked with Bruce about ways to handle possible employee problems before they developed and in particular how to deal with key employee retention. Since then, Homes & Harbors has been able to shape itself into a boutique agency with great local knowledge which buyers and sellers are coming to expect of realtors in this current market. “It’s always a comfort to talk to experienced business people in strict confidence. I would go back to SCORE to discuss any business concern, any time.”