Haile Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Originally I wanted to start a T-Shirt printing business, but was also interested in using my Psychotherapy skills.  Using the skills that my SCORE counselor gave me, I was able to use both my art and my Psychotherapy training to establish my Point of Change Counseling company.  I have been in this new direction for my career and am loving it.

Thank you SCORE


Julia H. Robbins, LCSW
My Location
4965 SW 91st Terr. Suite A
Gainesville FL 32608
United States
Year Company Formed
My Successes

I am in the career that really suits me.  Helping people with both my counseling skills and my art.  My practice is successful.

What's Great About My Mentor?

My Mentor was great.  He was kind, helped me with my business plan and record keeping and led me to make good decisions.  While I did not stay with the business idea I had originally, the transition to my current Private Practice is both enjoyable and rewarding.

How SCORE Helped

About five years ago, I made an appointment and met with one of your associates. He was extremely helpful in explaining how to formulate a business plan. I felt very comfortable asking questions, and my questions were always answered helpfully and with respect. I am now the sole proprieter of a psychotherapy private practice here in Gainesville. I owe a thank you to SCORE for getting me pointed in the right direction. I would highly reccommend SCORE's services!

Julia H. Robbins, LCSW

poccounseling @poccounseling.com


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Private Practice