Digital Doc Succeeds with SCORE

After months of researching possible franchise opportunities for personal electronic repairs, Bob recognized the need for this service in his community. After interviewing several franchisees, Bob signed a franchise agreement with Digital Doc and became the first operating franchisee in Iowa.

My Location
Cedar Rapids IA
United States
Year Company Formed
My Successes

Within the first year of business, Bob has been able to hire two additional employees. In the upcoming months, Bob plans to open another store in a neighboring city. By having exclusive franchise rights to many counties in eastern Iowa, Bob plans to manage several franchises in the future.

How SCORE Helped

John Buckeridge, Bob's mentor, is a former franchise owner himself. He was able to help Bob in the early stages of business planning. John helped Bob point out areas that could improve his business plan and also helped with preparing a best-case and worse-case sales forecast. John also guided Bob with finding leasing space for his business, obtaining accounting services (to help with keeping track of cost and profits) and focusing on inventory management to help Digital Doc succeed.

My Mentors