DDS Enterprises

For several years, Donna Schwartz and her husband Dave saved money, repaid their home loan and designed and built a fully equipped, top-of-the line sound recording studio in their home. The dream was to put all their efforts and expertise into their own business. Finally the time was right. David liked Donna’s idea, and together they prepared to open the doors of the long-awaited goal, DDS Enterprises.

Donna and Dave Schwartz
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Newburgh NY
United States
Year Company Formed
My Successes

DDS Enterprises is now a one-stop, full-service media and marketing consulting firm. DDS Enterprises creates and implements media and marketing strategies. Together Donna and Dave design functional Web sites, repair and update older Web sites, record sounds and video, design marketing and branding brochures, conduct consumer research—the list goes on.

DDS Enterprises has always been profitable; the first year of operation profits increased 40 percent. And, thanks to a large client, DDS's second-year profits jumped 60 percent. “We may expand a bit, but we understand our limits and we aren’t going to grow this company to an international firm,” says Donna.

What's Great About My Mentor?

“If it wasn’t for SCORE, and the dedication of our mentor Murray Maizner, we would have made some big mistakes. We are experts in our field and SCORE volunteers are experts on the operations of running a business,” explained Donna Schwartz, co-owner of DDS Enterprises.

SCORE Mentor Murray Maizner saw the dedication in the Schwartzes eyes, noticed their determination for success and took this energetic couple under his mentoring arm. Murray’s background, also in marketing, provided him with the industry know-how to help this new business succeed in a competitive market. He helped them create a pay scale for their services and taught them when to discuss costs and charges with clients. He also advised them on collecting on delinquent accounts.

How SCORE Helped

“We only wanted advice from people who were at the top of their game. SCORE was exactly what we wanted.” says David Schwartz. “We’ll continue to call on Murray and SCORE, no matter what. SCORE kept us on the track for success,” continues Dave.