Business Technology, LLC

Peter Ferrio had held a variety of corporate sales and marketing positions in the dot-com world. After awhile, though, he decided he could find more success by becoming an entrepreneur. He already had experience working for a few start-up companies selling technology and software and grew increasingly dissatisfied with the commission structure.

Peter Ferrio
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Fairfield CT
United States
My Successes

Peter’s information technology (IT) support skills helped him develop a customer base that became the foundation for starting his own business. Business Technology LLC provides IT consultations by sitting down with clients and doing a full review of how they use technology to support the profitability and efficiency of their businesses. His market focus is on businesses with five to 100 computers. A few of his product lines include security audits, database designs, installation of servers and digital certificates for Web sites and emails. One of his customers was the neighbor of a SCORE mentor, and he suggested that Peter go to his local SCORE chapter for advice for his new business.

What's Great About My Mentor?

Peter attended a SCORE workshop on how to start a business, and decided to sign up for some face-to-face mentoring. “My mentors Ruth Kelley and Elliot Baritz said I had a great idea,” Peter said. “They asked me a lot of questions. Who is your market? Why are you charging so little for your services?”

Ruth and Elliot gave him “homework assignments” to help him develop his business further and grow sales. “I’ve been coming to SCORE for four years, and I’ve doubled my revenue every year,” he says.

Ruth and Elliot reviewed his business’ Quick Books data and service contracts. “They’ve been phenomenal,” Peter says. “I couldn’t believe their advice was free and that they enjoyed helping people. It’s been amazing to me that they would commit their time to me and offer personal guidance.”

How SCORE Helped

Peter continues to come to SCORE, most recently on development of a partnership agreement, telemarketing scripts and offer letters for sales representatives. He is so impressed with Fairfield County SCORE that he regularly attends SCORE events to talk about his experience and make presentations on how SCORE helped him succeed.

“I support SCORE. Everything they advised me to do was business textbook 101; even simple things like write things down and keep your receipts,” Peter says. “Ruth and Elliot helped me deal with losses too. I couldn’t have gotten this business horse-sense without their many years of experience.”