Bohrmann Knives

In 2010 a beloved two century old elm tree nicknamed Herbie died in the small coastal village of Yarmouth in Maine. The town offered sections of the tree to area craftsmen for various works of art. Bruce Bohrmann purchased a small quantity of the wood, and created a limited production of quality, collectable knives reflecting the character of the city.  The first collection of knives received a very positive response, and Bruce knew his business could do more with a little help. He turned to SCORE for guidance on taking it to the next level.

Bruce Bohrmann
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United States
My Successes

The story of Bohrmann Knives has caught the attention of other cities with fallen trees that were a part of the community. Bruce is working with the People Plus organization to make a collectible knife out of a 100-year old beech tree that has been cut down to make room for a hotel in Brunswick, Maine.

What's Great About My Mentor?

SCORE mentor Skip Orem has worked closely with Bruce to develop the proper pricing for his specialty products. Bruce's other mentor, Nancy Strojny assisted Bruce in developing an ECommerce site and even helped him buy a computer. Working as a team, they have been developing a way to market the knives to potential customers. Bruce has come to rely on his mentors' knowledge, expertise, and devotion as an essential element to his success. They connect frequently and Bruce Bohrmann describes his path to success with SCORE as this, "Herbie died and gave me life. Skip and Nancy have provided the sustenance." They look forward to more successes in the future.

How SCORE Helped

With assistance from SCORE, Bruce Bohrmann's Herbie Knife was recently featured in the Christmas Gifts section of Yarmouth's Down East Magazine. Being featured in the magazine has led to an increase in sales for Bohrmann Knives.  The knife became a part of Yarmouth’s Annual Clam Festival. The festival is one of the largest in the New England area, and draws national attention to Yarmouth.