The Balloon Fairy

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For me, success was creating a reality where I can be a stay-at-home mom, and I’m tickled that my dream came true! On snow days I turn off the alarm, roll over and go back to sleep with my two children (Carson and Jason). How did I accomplish this? I became The Balloon Fairy, the only full-time professional female magician in Western NC and the busiest magician/balloon artist in Asheville.

I believe success is not something accomplished alone. I was blessed to cross paths with Ricky Boone, a professional magician who took me under his wing late in 2004. That December, we did our first show together. He saw how fast I caught on and ‘kicked me out’ on my own. February 2005 was my very first party, and I’ve been unstoppable ever since. In 2005, I had 54 ‘gigs.’ In 2006, I had 124! In 2007, I am branching out even further. Because of Ricky’s belief in me I was able to step out and just go for it!

I also crossed paths with AB Tech, the SBA and SCORE, all key to helping my vision grow. Dave Hymer at SCORE always had new ideas with a ‘yes, you can!’ attitude for me and a passion for guiding others.”

I have the best ‘non-job’ on the planet! One of my favorite things to ask the kids at my shows is, ‘Kids, ask the adults in your life if they have a job or a non-job and remind them they have a choice. It’s AWESOME to see the reaction of the adults. I remind them they are a powerful being of light here on earth and to be happy in nurturing others.

Life is a full of choices, so choose today to contact SCORE to help your business dreams come true. Then contact me, The Balloon Fairy, to celebrate your grand opening and all your birthdays and anniversaries!

Marcie “The Balloon Fairy”
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