Asheville Pain and Wellness Center

One dreamed of ridding Asheville of every pain in the neck; the other of helping people prevent pain. They brought with them to Western North Carolina their dreams, degrees in chiropractic, experience in their chosen profession, a theoretical knowledge of business planning and two dogs.

Dr. Terri Lechner and Dr. Jason Martin
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1000 Haywood Road, Suite C
West Asheville NC 28806
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How SCORE Helped

In the three years since they founded Asheville Pain and Wellness Center, Drs. Terri Lechner and Jason Martin have made long strides toward their goals. They no longer work seven days every week and have added equipment and three staff members. Their client base includes people with short-term needs due to acute injuries and a growing number enrolled in the Center’s wellness and pain prevention plan. Many of their patients have been with the practice since the first year when the doctors performed free screenings at the flea market and fitness centers. Word-of-mouth has become their greatest marketing tool; one person has alone referred several dozen people to the Center.

In the beginning…

“What we learned about business planning in school wasn’t what we really needed to get up and running,” said Dr. Martin. “SCORE was a big help. We linked up with a counselor, Don Sinclair, whose background as a chiropractor and in marketing was just exactly what we needed. We also got a lot out of the seminars.”

“We joined the Chamber early on,” added Dr. Lechner. “And the networking it afforded was as valuable as access to demographic information about the area.”

A passion for the business and professional strength are nothing more than the bare necessities for success, according to Lechner and Martin. A sound, detailed business plan with realistic projections and budget may attract the capital needed to get started. But, for a business to get off the ground, branding and marketing are essential.

What’s the secret to their success? They summarize it with a phrase borrowed from a novel by Catherine Ryan Hyde: “Pay it forward.”

To Jason and Terri, paying it forward is both a business strategy and a life goal. It means re-investing a major portion of profits in continuously improving their business. And it includes giving back to the community. For example, they give their time and expertise without “pay back” to Project Access and are strong supporters of the Humane Society and Animal Haven.

Pay it forward – repay the good you’ve received by performing an unconditional favor for someone else. Good stuff; good business; good for Asheville Pain and Wellness Center. Telephone: 828.258.2225 Internet: go to and click on “Contact Us”.