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InfraLytiks team

InfraLytiks Inc., Akash Vidyadharan

Title / Role: Chief Technology Officer
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Formed in: 2017
My successes.

Akash Vidyadharan co-founded InfraLytiks in Des Moines, Iowa, in 2017 with fellow Iowa State University engineering graduate Tyler Carter. InfraLytiks uses machine learning to describe and analyze what’s in images, including drone video, satellite photos, and 3-D laser scans. For instance, the software took less than an hour to analyze more than 100,000 acres for a wind farm developer who needed to place turbines away from trees, buildings, and roads. Early customers were insurance and engineering firms, but the founders believed their technology had national security uses too.

InfraLytiks moved to St. Louis in 2021 for a 13-week business accelerator program sponsored by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and Missouri Technology Corp. and run by Capital Innovators and has found success in the defense geospatial contracting space.

What do you do?

InfraLytiks is a company that specializes in analyzing imagery and geospatial data through the development of ML and AI software and algorithms. We primarily focus on Proprietary Machine Learning, AI, and Automation on multiple data types, including multispectral data such as HD Images, 3D, Thermography, LiDAR, and Telemetry with data obtained from Satellites, Drones, Aircraft, Vehicles, Telescopes, Smart Phones, Text, and Database. We are market-active with Engineering, Insurance, Contracting, Energy & DoD clients. We have multiple SaaS products, such as Verified Data Analytics (, InfraScan, InfraVIEU, and InfraDrone, which are market-active and revenue-generating products.

What inspired you to start your business?

Both co-founders believed in our abilities and technical expertise in drones and computer vision. We believe that no matter what happens, we’ll figure something out. 

In 2016, I interned at the FAA, and Tyler was an intern at Toyota. We were both in Ames, Iowa. The thing about internships is the work can be quite monotonous. They’re not using you for high-end engineering. We were ambitious and wanted to do something more than what we had been studying, and we knew we had the skills to do much more. So we decided to test that out and started working with drones and some basic image processing. This idea and prototype gathered a lot more interest from some local Dept of Transportation, professors, and insurance companies, which gave us the courage to commercialize this and create a business out of it!

What's special about your business?
  • We define Firm Fixed Price for Project Cost with guaranteed deliverables
  • Bill by completed milestones, not hourly, which is highly efficient and transparent
  • Highly scalable across multiple industries: Engineering, Insurance, Government, Energy, Infrastructure & Construction
  • Highly technical & efficient team
  • Focused on complex data with a Machine Learning (ML) niche
  • Development of end-to-end integrated product Systems
  • Most clients were previously disappointed with ML & AI
  • Proven track record with satisfied repeat clients
  • Why is our technology better? It works!
What influenced you to seek help from SCORE?

Continued momentum in our business marketing, sales, and outreach due to our mentor's guidance and support!

How SCORE helped.

Whenever things get tough or whenever we hit a dead end, we call Jim and ask him for his guidance. And usually, we find some way out, thanks to his right way of questioning. The answers are there, but we need someone to poke us with the right questions or at least give us some kind of guidance through those questions. You ask enough questions, it's almost like paving a path that you find the right answers along the way.

What's great about my mentor?

We were introduced to our mentor Jim Cornbleet who is a SCORE affiliate as a part of the 13-week NGA Capital Innovators accelerator program in 2021 and he has been very helpful for us in guiding our business sales, planning, and growth plans for the upcoming year.

What would you tell a fellow business owner about SCORE?

They offer a wide range of services and support from very experienced professionals. Pick out a mentor who can guide you in skills that you might be lacking in!

What have you learned from your experiences as a business owner?

Find the right mentor who matches your needs and can help guide you in your weak points!

My mentors
Jim Cornbleet

I can help your business grow in revenues through best practices in sales, marketing and strategic...

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Washington, DC 20002
866 726-7340

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