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Staten Island Business Mentors Extol The Value of Press Releases
by John J Amodio
September 14, 2022
A group of businessmen and women are glad about the success of the company.

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. – Don’t underestimate the positive ways in which press releases can impact your enterprise, business experts advise.

“A press release is an important tool for Staten Island entrepreneurs seeking to build greater awareness of their business,” said John J. Amodio, chairman of SCORE-Staten Island. “A PR release may alert both existing and potential customers about a new product, service, milestone, or other timely events – and help place your business in the spotlight.”

The traditional process includes writing a press release, distributing it to a specific group of reporters and writers, and encouraging them to share the news with their audience. 

The real benefit of writing a press release and receiving news coverage is two-fold, as explained by Amodio and his team of SCORE-Staten Island certified business mentors:

  • Firstly, you create greater awareness for your company and the benefits you provide to your customers and your industry or community.
  • Secondly, each article written about your business builds brand credibility over time. This third-party validation of your company and products can ultimately help you generate greater revenue.


One of the basics of press release writing is focusing on the story you’re trying to tell and giving the media a piece of news that will be of interest to their readers or viewers.

Don’t try to pass off a sales pitch as newsworthy content. The media will see right through it and your release will end up in the trash. You’ll also likely lose credibility with the reporter, which can hurt the chances of your next press release making the cut.

Be selective in what you regard as newsworthy content. Some examples of what warrants a press release from your company to the media include:

  • The launch of a new product
  • An update to an existing product
  • The opening of a new location or facility
  • An event, such as an open house or celebration
  • A milestone or anniversary
  • A new member joining your team
  • Support of a larger industry event or initiative
  • Other news-worthy changes within the organization

To get you on the track to successful media coverage, SCORE-Staten Island offers the following tips:

Keep Your Release Short and to the Point

When you’re communicating with the media, you need to keep your release short and succinct. Start with an informative headline and spell out the Who, What, Where, When, and Why of your news immediately in the first paragraph.

Reporters are deadline-driven and it’s unlikely they’ll read past this point before deciding if your news is a fit for their audience. If you haven’t captured their attention in that first paragraph, your news may get brushed aside.

Build a Carefully Targeted Media List

Your news is more likely to be picked up by a reporter and turned into a story if you put it immediately into the right hands. Do some research before sending out your press release. You’ll want to find the writers, editors, and newscasters who are most likely to find your news interesting and valuable. These may be journalists who cover your industry, or editors who are familiar with the topic in your release.

Follow-up with a Phone Call

Writers are busy; don’t assume they read your email just because you sent it to their inbox. After a day or two, give your contacts a call to check-in. Offer them the opportunity to speak with your CEO, customers, or other stakeholders who could help them write a compelling story.

Don’t Forget About Additional Distribution Methods for Your News

Sending a press release to your media list is just one method of getting the word out. Take advantage of your social media channels to share your news, as well as email platforms and any other ways you communicate with customers, partners, and industry members.

Seek Guidance from Other Business Owners and Marketing Professionals

Most business owners aren’t marketers and writing about your own business can be an understandable challenge. One way to make the process of writing a press release easier is with help from someone who’s done it all before, like a SCORE-Staten Island certified business mentor.

A SCORE-Staten Island business expert will work with you, and connect you with marketing professionals who can offer their support. Contact a SCORE-Staten Island business mentor today.

About SCORE-Staten Island

SCORE-Staten Island is dedicated to fostering a vibrant small-business community primarily in Richmond County by providing cost-free education and confidential mentoring to both aspiring and established entrepreneurs. Headquartered at 1855 Victory Boulevard, in the Salmon Real Estate Building, Castleton Corners, the Island organization is Chapter 476 of the nationwide SCORE, a nonprofit association. A resource partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration, SCORE is funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the SBA. All opinions, conclusions, and/or recommendations expressed herein are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the SBA. For additional information, or to schedule an appointment, you can contact us by phone at 718-727-1221 or email at, and visit us on Facebook and LinkedIn.


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