Business Plan Outline

Cover Page   Name of Business, Business Address; Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers, Fax Numbers of Owners.
Executive Summary (Statement of Purpose)   An overview and summary of the plan or financing proposal as a whole. This should help a reader understand what is contained in the document. Do not expect the reader to sort through the document trying to figure out how it all fits together. TELL HER. If you are requesting financing, how much do you need and what will it be used for? Although this is at the beginning of the document, it should be written LAST, after all of your decisions have been made. The remainder of the plan provides the detail.  
Business Description   Describe your product or service. Will you manufacture, distribute, service or do some combination of these? What kind of facilities will you have? What need or want does your product or service satisfy? To whom will you sell? Why will they want to buy from you? Who are your competitors? What is your competitive advantage? Where and how will you sell? How will your business grow and profit?
Marketing Plan   Describe your "target market" in detail. Where are they? How will you cost effectively reach this market? What will it cost to identify a prospect? What will it cost to make a sale? Can you price this cost into your product or service and still be competitive? What sales volumes are required? Describe your specific marketing plans, with anticipated costs and results?
Operations Plan
(Organization and Management)
  How will you provide the product or service after the sale? Will you have employees? Managers? What kinds of skills will they need? Will they be easy to recruit, select, train, and retain? What will they cost? Can you price the costs into your product and remain competitive? Legal structure? Professional advisors? Experience of owners and managers?
Financial Plan   Summarize your sources and uses of funds. How much financing will you need? Collateral? Provide projected cash flow statements and income statements by month for the first year and by quarter for the following two years. Provide projected balance sheets at start-up and at the end of each of the next 3 years. Provide a break-even and sensitivity analysis. Provide a summary of the assumptions used to produce these projections.
Appendices   Copies of owners' resumes, tax returns and financial statements. Leases, equipment lists, inventory lists should be included here if appropriate.