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Dean is a volunteer Certified SCORE Mentor and former SCORE Chapter Chair, District Director, and Regional Vice President for the North West Region. He has developed and managed many businesses. His experience includes member-driven companies, insurance sales and marketing, education administration, and large insurance pools. He loves to teach and mentor business CEOs. 

He currently serves as the Client Intake Coordinator for his local chapter.  These columns are designed for the benefit of the local business community for the purpose of giving current information about SCORE and its resources as well as content for local business CEOs.  They rely heavily on content that is published in SCORE’s Resource Library which has many contributors and partners.  Therefore, their content is not all original with this writer but a demonstration of the vast content resources available through SCORE.  The Rochester Post Bulletin publishes his weekly article on a topic geared toward the small business community. Dean encourages SCORE chapters to use them in their local media.  The articles here are printed in their entirety.



Elección de la entidad legal adecuada para asegurar la financiación
Según un informe de Forbes, el Informe sobre el estado empresarial latino de 2021 muestra que las empresas propiedad de latinos
Elección de la entidad legal adecuada para asegurar la financiación
Según un informe de Forbes, el Informe sobre el estado empresarial latino de 2021 muestra que las empresas propiedad de latinos
Improve Social Media Marketing Results In 2023
Ideas to best utilize social media marketing and get better results Most small business CEOs tell me that they are using social
Tips For Your Social Media Marketing For The New Year
Social Media to Optimize Your Small Business How can you best utilize social media marketing in the new year to stand out from the
Considerations When Funding Your Startup
Funding a startup before you sign a lease is smart and necessary
Start your planning now for Small Business Saturday For Next Year
What you can do as a small business to have a better result next year
Choosing the Right Legal Entity to Secure Funding
Your company’s business structure may be one factor that weighs into a lender’s or investor’s decision-making regarding investment
Be Aware of and Prevent Common Risks To Your Business
Common risks to your small business and how to prevent or mitigate them
How to Start a Business for Creative Types, Idea People, and Anybody with Passion
Applying your creative talents to creating a lucrative business
Attracting and Retaining Workers for Your Small Business
Attracting workers and employees for your small business
Small Businesses Need Talent and Technology
Rural and non-rural small businesses depend upon talent and technology
Economic Anxiety Persists For Small Business Entrepreneurs
How rural and non-rural entrepreneurs prepare for economic uncertainty and survive it
Rural Entrepreneurs
How Locally Owned Businesses can Help Rural Town and Geographies Prosper
How To Recover From A Cyber Attack
Tips to help your small business recover from a cyber attack
How To Protect Your Business From Cyberthreats
Tips to protect your small business against cyber threats
Common Cyberthreats Facing Small Businesses
Small Business faces Cybersecurity Threats - Is your small business safe?
Protect And Secure Your Business
proactive steps for minimizing risk in your business
Cybersecurity For Small Businesses
Small businesses are equally as vulnerable to cybercriminals as major corporations - protect your business
Start Your Holiday Promotions Planning Now
Using email for marketing your holiday promotions is a great way to get your message across
Considerations To Change an Existing Business Name
Considerations before Changing the Name of Your Small Business
Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs
the most important habit that successful entrepreneurs practice can be distilled to these actions
How to Cover for Employees When They’re Gone
How to optimize your employees in small businesses to cover for each other
LLC operation agreement
Best Legal Entities for Rural Entrepreneurs
Smaller communities and rural areas are seeing a growth of start-up small businesses
CEOs Share Ideas to Help Independent Retailers Succeed
Independent Retailers Success Strategies
Three young people holding shopping bags in a mall while looking at their phones
Consumers Have Changed Their Shopping Behavior. Is Your Business Keeping up?
As consumers pivot from supply chain and Ukraine/Russia war impacts, so should your small business
How to Prepare For A Recession…Just in Case
Is a recession approaching? Take action to help your small business weather a recession and come out stronger
freelance small business
Freelancing: A Great Strategy But Treat It Like the Business It Is
Building a successful freelancing business
Should Small Businesses Consider TikTok
Tik Tok and other social media platforms for small businesses
Tips For Creating an Inclusive Workplace
In an employee-dominated marketplace, an inclusive workplace culture greatly influences employee job satisfaction and dedication
Small Businesses Continue Caution For the Future
Small Business proceed with caution in 2022 after COVID impact and supply chain and employment concerns
How Do Small Businesses Do Voluntary Work
participate in volunteer work without sacrificing too much time/energy from your small business
Small Businesses Can Participate In Voluntary Work
Small businesses can perform volunteer work and contributions that also enhance their brand
Social Selling Success
Social Media and help selling your small business merchandise and sales strategy
Business Law Workshop
Legal Steps Every Small Business Should Take
Small Business would do well to take these legal steps to minimize risks and exposures
Major Cybersecurity Threats to Small Businesses in 2022
small business and cyber security threats and how to protect your business
small business owner
Growing Your Small Business To Assure Its Survival
Continuous small business growth and evolution for sustained survival and success
Small Businesses Face A Common Challenge In 2022
After the pandemic turbulence and impact to small businesses,small business owners and entrepreneurs look for opportunities to
Women Business Owners Face Financial Challenges
Comparing businesses owned by men and women , a study found a significant revenue gap between the two
Women-Owned Small Businesses Share Challenges & Offer Tips on How to Overcome Them
Women Small Business Owners find support in Networking and SCORE Events customized to their needs
More Women Should Start Small Businesses
Women inspiring women to start their own small businesses and are succeeding
Considerations Before Making a Business Investment
Tacking a step back and consider some big picture issues before making a business investment is smart
Scams Increasing for Small Business Owners
Scams are hurting small businesses like yours
Be Aware of Google’s Algorithm Updates
Google’s core updates
Important Cybersecurity Basics For Small Businesses
cybersecurity threats and small business needs
Considerations For Buying A Franchise To Begin A Business
What to consider before I buy a Franchise to start my business
Buying An Existing Business
Should you launch or buy a business?
Considerations Before You Begin A Business
You want to start your own business and be your own boss. But how should you go about it?
Help For Starting a Business in 2022
SCORE Mentors can help you on the path to entrepreneurial success
Ideas To Grow Your Business in the New Year
Growing your small business in the year of covid
Strategies for Small Businesses To Increase Brand Loyalty
Brand Loyalty Strategies
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