What You Must Know About Business Valuation

intangible business assets such as patents, trademarks, employment agreements, copyrights and goodwill ... ...

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and discussed her options with mentors Michael Bozza and Claude Haggelberg. “They felt that with a patent ... ...

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Transducer USA

referred Gluszyk to a patent lawyer who determined that there would be no conflict with the existing ... ...

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Herbert M Winkler

<p> &nbsp;</p> <p> &nbsp;</p> <p> <u>SUMMARY</u></p> <p> Expert in all aspects of apparel- manufacturing, wholesale, retail, marketing, sales ,fashion trends, merchandising ,promotion, as well as importing and exporting.Owner/CEO of Apparel Company with extensive experience in Children&#39;s, Men&#39;s and Women&#39;s fashion and&nbsp;private label clothing (mostly Jeans wear). Expertise in department , chain and discount store merchandising. Also in real estate management of Co-ops and Condos. I am available exclusively to clients in the metropolitan New York Area with face-to-face mentoring as the goal to develop a strategic plan for a successful apparel business.</p> <p> EXPERTISE INCLUDES:</p> <p> Branding, Business Plans, International Trade - Importing &amp; Exporting, Patents &amp; Trademarks, Retail, and Supply Chain. &nbsp;</p> <p> &nbsp;</p>

A Beginner’s Guide to Angel Investing

time to market. There are “broad and blocking” patents Competitive Landscape ... ...

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Archie Rae McFarland

<p> Expert in business enhancement and very knowledgeable in Patents</p> <p> Also in:</p> <p> communication</p> <p> finance</p> <p> leadership</p> <p> management</p> <p> <span style="line-height: 1.385em; font-size: 12.7272720336914px;">project management</span></p> <p> Energy conservation</p> <p> SBA</p> <p> Score technology</p> <p> food technology</p> <p> waste reduction</p> <p> marketing and sales</p> <p> analytical skills</p> <p> purchasing and supply management</p>

Protecting an Idea

to share is the key. Companies do buy ideas that are patented or trademarked. In that case, you have ... ...

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Does Your Small Business Need a Lawyer?

or patent issues and theft or fraud were also named as key legal worries that small business owners have ... ...

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Jerry L Jones

<p> An entrepreneur at heart, he has over 35 years sales and product development experience in both consumer product goods and business to business products and services, with specific expertise in importing and exporting.&nbsp; Over the years Jerry has owned a number of small businesses&nbsp;and is currently owner of many innovative product patents through his own company&nbsp;Shredderplus, LLC and is sales vice president for Columbus Bench Advertising, an outdoor advertising company.&nbsp; He counsels SCORE clients in the areas of business strategy &amp; planning, manufacturing &amp; product development and sales and marketing.&nbsp; He is in high demand given his experience in international trade and imports, sales and retail and wholesale trade. Clients say Jerry, &ldquo;<em>far exceeded expectations in terms of responsiveness/availability, time spent with me, and value/actionability&nbsp;of opinions shared.&rdquo;</em>&nbsp;And&nbsp;<em>&ldquo;his advice is easy to understand and focused on the issues that were directly affecting my business.&rdquo;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</em>As an entrepreneur himself, Jerry enjoys giving back through his SCORE Counseling.&nbsp; He says he joined SCORE,&nbsp;<em>&ldquo;because I started many small businesses and didn&#39;t ask for the help that Score provides. I felt that I could help people make&nbsp;fewer mistakes than I did.&rdquo;</em></p>

The SCORE Foundation Announces Creation of National Advisory Board Three New York Business Leaders Selected as Members

patents in the field of telecommunications and serves as chairman of Telecom Consultants, Inc. De ... ...