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Sam and Cindy Cook
SEIMITSU -“In the Loop”

SEIMITSU, Sam and Cindy Cook

Title / Role: Owners
Location: Savannah, Georgia
Formed in: 1984
My successes.

Combining ownership of a 40-mile fiber optic cable loop encircling Savannah, a design and build capability, and maintenance of installations connected to the fiber backbone, SEIMITSU is a user’s one-stop source for top-notch technical and service needs. Fiber optic cable offers high-speed transmission of vast amounts of data, making the capability vitally important to hospitals, colleges, financial and other service organizations. SEIMITSU concentrates on filling the fiber optic “pipe” with customers having long-term contracts and service agreements. Sam is the visionary and technical brain of the company. He doesn’t mince words. “We’ve got the fiber capacity and expertise to tackle even the most complex jobs, from design to fully operational. We are committed to quality solutions and outstanding service. We’ve built many long-term relationships as a result.”

Strategy Counts: Rather than going head-to-head with the large telecommunications companies, SEIMITSU partners with national carriers and targets underserved areas, noting opportunities where Sam’s technical expertise and marketing acumen can be focused. The results over the last 33 years of success are clear. Their growth, substantial customer base, and positive financial results are the bedrock measures of success.

How SCORE helped.

Sam, like many small business owners, was fully engaged in running Seimitsu. He had little time to take a broader view of where the business was going, where he wanted it to go, and how to get it there. Recognizing the need for a more strategic view, three years ago, the Cooks invited the SCORE Advisory Board Service to team with them. The board functions much like a traditional board of directors, but with no fiduciary responsibilities. It is designed to help organizations accelerate growth, increase profitability and react more effectively to change. The Board consists of three SCORE senior mentors with backgrounds compatible with client needs. It meets quarterly and focuses on strategic business matters. Following each meeting, the SCORE team submits a report to the business owner highlighting the key areas covered and actions recommended. Reflecting on their relationship with SCORE, Sam and Cindy—“are thankful for the involvement of SCORE.” As Sam put it recently, “SCORE has helped us do the right things and to do things right.”

SCORE is the premier provider of free small business mentoring services and educational programs in the United States. SCORE’s team of experienced small business mentors helps entrepreneurs in a wide range of industries start, manage and grow a successful small business. In FY 2016, Savannah SCORE helped start 135 new small businesses and create 379 new non-management jobs. To schedule an appointment with a Savannah SCORE mentor, or to learn more about the SCORE Advisory Board, call (912)-652-4335.

How Did Your Business Get Started?

Sometimes being a David in a Goliath world has its advantages. Just ask Sam Cook and his wife, Cindy, owners of SEIMITSU. SEIMITSU is a niche company offering full-service IT services. Sam and his staff of over 20 technical, construction and marketing personnel are proud of their unique presence in Savannah. Founded in 1984, their steady successful growth led Sam to seek the counsel of SCORE’s Advisory Board for Small Businesses to focus their future growth, and capitalize on their streamlined size, agility, and expertise.

1165 Herndon Parkway, Suite 100
Herndon, VA 20170
(912) 652-4335

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