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What Our Clients Say
Owning a business is both exciting and intimidating.

With SCORE, you have lots of support. Read our client comments and see how SCORE can help your business succeed!


“I am in absolute awe at the overall response and mentorship I have received from SCORE. I heard within 48 hours of my initial message. From there the local representative determined that she would reach out to the national network as my needs were specific to insurance. Low and behold, I was put in touch with Bill Pope, a retired insurance specialist and agency owner. He helped me evaluate various quotes I was given in order to make the best choices for my start-up business. His mentorship has so far been invaluable in this area. I look forward to continuing learning from Bill as I move through the various stages of growth with my start-up business. Thank you, Bill Pope, Maclynn Brinton and SCORE!” – T.K.

“They were patient, kind, inquisitive and knowledgeable. Great resource for every American.” – L.F.

“They really listen & are supporting me. We're making great progress...still working toward my goal though. ” – J.H.

“Good fit - very knowledgeable, and professional. Communication was great and understanding of actions to take before the next meeting are clear. The mentors are great. The time spent was effective and I am looking forward to the next meeting.” – B.B.

“Mike and Carol listened to me, asked what I was looking for mentorship with, brought up excellent points, and were compassionate, encouraging, and professional.”  - M.B. 

“Helpful, the team was able to provide great feedback and resources.” – B.G. 

“I enjoyed my meeting with my mentors. Both were knowledgeable, friendly and knew their game.”  - D.G.

“Looking forward to our next meeting. Very helpful and full of lots of great info!”  - L.B.

“Brad and Mac were supportive and had great energy. They are obviously knowledgeable and made me feel heard, respected and supported.” – W.M.

“Good resource for new business owners. Great conversation. I got some good ideas.”  - A.N.

"We have a follow up meeting scheduled. Our time together ended with me feeling like I had increased knowledge, clear direction, and a support team in my corner.”  - P.G.

“It is great, your availability of expertise is very useful, possibly could be change the trajectory for some businesses.” – Z.F.

“Very attentive, open minded, goal oriented.” – B.C.

“What a great resource that I feel blessed to have stumbled across!! Even if my business does not turn out to be successful, I feel I am about to learn ALOT!”  - L.H.

“Carol and Jay were extremely helpful and supportive. They asked me great questions to get me thinking about different things I hadn’t considered yet. I am looking forward to their advice and support in the future!” – E.O

“At the end of our initial meeting, they provided me actionable next steps to make progress on my business idea. I want to meet with them again for accountability and for feedback.”  - S.A. 

“I appreciate the time spent with me and suggestions made, as well as goals set to be met before our next meeting.  My mentoring needs have been met with kind enthusiasm and expertise.” - Jennifer Hamman

“Mentor was highly receptive and engaging. My team was friendly and supportive.” - Ryan Smith

“The level of interest these gentlemen offered, gave me encouragement to move forward. I don't think SCORE could improve. The introduction of my mentors, the interest in my future, and the follow-up is top notch.” - Colleen Wirz

“Mr. Morana was helpful and informative, and I was able to use his insight to start my new business venture.” - Mark LeBeck

“Very helpful and great insight.” - Per Bo Lukehart

“They have a lot to offer with their collective experience and knowledge to help me make good decisions and move forward. My SCORE mentors are clearly seasoned and experienced in business.  We discussed what my business plan was and what I wanted to do, and they asked questions to understand my product and type of business better.   But they really zeroed in on what was important for me to review and act on in order to move forward in the right direction.” - Christy Hamari

“You all are professional and are amazing people. You gave me good advice.” - Kimberly Cloud/Kline

“The score mentor very nice and very patient, they do great job! I like SCORE very much.” - Yunxia Zhou

“Not only does Horace have the knowledge to help someone learn the ropes, he has the caring heart that will surely make the results even better!” - Laura Garcia

“They gave me a lot of things to work on.  I am excited to follow up and continue to get feedback. Having the accountability and encouragement has been essential.” - Laura Lucero

“Lew and Carol were honest, kind and very helpful.” - Lee Collver-Richards

“Very knowledgeable. Amazingly helpful and kind mentors.” - Tawnia Burns

Mentors: Thorv and Jill

“I felt I could trust them and appreciated their input. Great communication before, during and after meeting.” - Nikki Tremonti

Mentors: Ken and Maclynn

“Both of my mentors have helped me a great deal. I look forward to continuing to work with them and learn from them.” - Crystal Searing

Mentors: Mike and Jack

“Knowing my two SCORE mentors will continue to work with me as my business grows gives me confidence and peace of mind to forge ahead”. - Crystal Searing, Owner, Blossom Five Cities

“I still count on my SCORE mentor for guidance on issues related to how my business will continue to move forward and evolve”. - Chelsea Brescia, Owner, JOY

“I met a SCORE mentor at a Zoom mixer and sought help. Ask and you shall receive. It turned out to be the case”. - Ruben Escobedo, Owner, WorkWorld Law 

“Because my SCORE mentors had no emotional attachment to my business, they were able to help me acknowledge my blind spots. They not only challenged me, they encouraged me”. - Natasha Prybala, Owner, Sloco Massage + Wellness Spa

“I credit SCORE being a wonderful service, taught by incredible volunteers, with expertise knowledge and skill in various areas”. - Kathryn Arceneaux, Owner/Chef/Sommelier, Kathryn’s Kuisine

“Try all SCORE’s services. It’s such an incredible opportunity. I have been so grateful for all their help!" - Meaghan McVicker, Owner/Sole Proprietor, Green Clean Machine

“Our business wouldn’t be as successful without SCORE. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a new or established business owner, you must look into SCORE”. - John and Carlyn Hinds, Cadence Insoles

“SCORE gave us our start and a strong foundation for business!” - Heidi Parker, LLC Partner/CEO Vai Athletica    

“SCORE has played a significant role in helping us achieve our goals”. - Frank Kalman, Founder & Executive Director, End Kids Cancer Foundation  

“I attribute much of my success to my fantastic mentor, who provided focus and a sounding board for my business decisions”. - Carol Chenot, Owner/Designer, Lookie Loops Co.

712 H St NE PMB 98848
Washington, DC 20002
(805) 547-0779

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