Web Bookmarking Sharing Site Links


"Social bookmarking" sites allow you to create online bookmarks or favorites. You can access your Web-based list from any computer. You can create a profile in these link sharing sites to find and share Web content easily with people who have similar interests. You can also add buttons/icons to your Web site or blog, so people can easily submit your pages/posts to these sites & drive more traffic your way.

Del.i.cio.us (http://www.delicious.com)
With Del.i.cio.us, create tags for naming and organizing your personal bookmarks. Share these favorites with others, including people in the del.i.cio.us community. You can also use these tags to search other people’s content, which makes it easy to collect a lot of information about a topic that interests you. Your Del.i.cio.us Web page contains all of your bookmarks in one place.

Digg (http://www.digg.com)
In this online community, other users vote to “Digg” or “Bury” your content submissions. If your submission gets enough “Diggs” from other users, it will be moved to the home page. You can also invite friends to join Digg and share articles with them.

Furl (http://www.furl.com)
Furl is similar to Digg except you use a “bookmarklet” button to save the article to your Furl page. Before you save the article, you can add comments, categorize and date the item. Your Furl page can be public and shared with others by giving them a URL, signing them up for a daily email digest or RSS feed.

Ma.gnolia (http://www.magnolia.com)
Ma.gnolia works much like Reddit (see below) where members tag and save Web sites as bookmarks.

Reddit (http://www.reddit.com)
Using Reddit, you can add “bookmarklets” to your toolbar that will let you "reddit this" or submit the link. You can also like, dislike and save links while you surf the Web. If the link has already been submitted, you can share it and/or comment on it.

StumbleUpon (http://www.stumbleupon.com)
StumbleUpon is a popular site has more than 4.6 million users and has won numerous awards, including from PCWorld and Business 2.0. You can set preferences and get recommendations from other Stumble users for Web sites matching your personal preferences. This is an easy way of surfing the Internet based on preferences of like-minded community members.