Want Your Website to Rank Better?

Republished by permission of FreeEnterprise.com, in agreement with NY Enterprise Report, Mardy Sitzer gives tips for making your website easily found.

Anyone with a website feels the need to improve their rankings. The idea is simple: the more people that find you, the more likely you will get leads and generate sales. We need to know that our internet investment and efforts are paying off.

So what’s wrong with that? Well, actually nothing, but it can’t be done without social media. Your PageRank is basically meaningless. Google has been telling you that for the past several years now, yet we still crave those rankings.

Google has made sweeping changes as to how they rank websites but more importantly is how they now deliver on search results. There was Panda, delivering the massive duplicate content smack-down, and recently came Penguin. Google’s goal with Penguin is to penalize spammers. Indicators of search spamming are an over-optimized website and tons of irrelevant backlinks.


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