VIDEOS - Learn Small Business

Select and watch one of these super 1-3 minute videos.  You can learn how to market, how to grow revenues and sales, how to track your success, what it takes to be an entrepreneur, how financial statements can save your life, and more...


Marketing & Sales Videos

1. The Marketing Message - Improving Yours

2. Direct Marketing - Creating a Business Using

3. Direct Mail Postcards; An Example

4. Tracking Sales Actions [CRITICAL]

5. How to Grow Revenues

6. Web Presence Basics [CRITICAL]

Finance Videos

1. Financial Statements - Why? an Introduction [CRITICAL]

2. Cash Flow - Key to Survival [CRITICAL]

3. The Income Statement

4. Measure Your Progress. [CRITICAL]

5. Angel Investors - What are they?

General Management & Other Videos

1. Essentials to Starting then Growing a Business.

2. What does it take to Start?

3. Ground Zero - CR Flood Damage & Recovery Status

4. Trademarks & Copyrights