Is There a Shark Circling Your Business?

Presented by, Katie Denis offers 5 crisis situation communication tips for your small business.

You know the feeling. You’re enjoying a day at the beach. You head into the water. You’re enjoying yourself. It feels great. But you’re just not fully … relaxed. Why?

Because for a quarter century Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week,” in partnership with Steven Spielberg’s animatronic great white, has been reinforcing our fears that sharks will get us. That nagging fear that, despite the odds, you will be a shark attack victim is not unlike owning a business. While you hope to avoid a crisis situation, there is always the chance of one looming unseen. If the worst happens, are you prepared?

Nothing assembles people at the shoreline quite like the moment someone screams, “Shark!” In that case, one word achieves the goal of getting people out of the water. The right response can make all the difference in a crisis situation. In honor of the 25th anniversary of “Shark Week,” here are five communications tips if your small business faces a crisis situation:

1.  Have a Prepared Spokesperson

Did you know that sharks can smell a single drop of blood in an Olympic-sized pool? So can a lot of reporters. Throwing an unprepared spokesperson in front of the media is like throwing chum in the water. Choose one spokesperson and make sure they are media trained in advance. Take it one step further and have a crisis plan ready. A plan is your first aid kit in a crisis and will save you time and frustration if the worst happens.

2.  Response Time Matters


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