SStoGROW Profile & Business Needs Assessment

 This is an online tool for a business owner to provide their profile and assess where they are at and where they need to improve.  The assessment is self administered as a first step in meeting with a SCORE mentor to develop a plan to address the needs.    It is also a lead in to the Simple Steps for GROWING Your Business series of workshops.

There are two documents included in the download.  The first document is a description of the Simple Steps to Grow Your Business program and the second is  Participant's Business Profile

The second document provides a  business owner with an assessment of their business.  The assessment consists of the following areas:  General Management, Resource Management, Marketing, Sales, Finance and Operations.   The computer tabulates the self assessment to produce a score.   The business owner can then see where their score places them in a heirarchy of results.   

These two documents can be seen by clicking on the "Download" button.   You can view them online, print them or download to your PC.  We suggest you download the file, complete the forms on your PC and email a copy to Rick Barkley at:   Keep your copy for later reference.   The forms you submit will be evaluated and then you will be contacted by Mr. Barkley or by the Mentor that has been assigned to you!

To register for this program go to: