Small Business Payroll Solutions


Outsourcing payroll isn’t just for big companies–small and large businesses alike can enjoy the convenience, cost savings and peace of mind that outsourcing can create. Here are a few of the benefits outsourcing provides.

Cost Savings
Most payroll companies have packages for as little as a few dollars per check, including basic services like employment tax calculations and direct deposit. Full time (or even part time) bookkeepers can cost thousands a month, especially when you consider that they need to keep up with changes to state and federal tax laws, adjustments to employee information and changes to regulations that can impact employee pay. Payroll companies can perform the services you need at a cost far less than performing payroll calculations yourself or hiring a bookkeeper.

Computing pay and withholding amounts can be tough–one mistake and you’re responsible for hundreds, maybe thousands, in penalties or fees. Payroll services have experts on staff that ensure your payroll is accurate every time and many even guarantee their work by offering to pay any penalties that result from their calculations.

Time Saved
Most business owners spend between 5 and 20 hours a month on payroll related tasks. Devote this time to running your business–let a payroll company handle the calculations and paperwork.

Expert Help
Payroll services employ tax attorneys, CPAs and other knowledgeable business professionals to ensure that all payroll calculations conform with current tax laws and regulations. You might be able to catch tax savings you would have missed otherwise and you can consult the payroll company on the best way to structure benefits and employee commissions in order to maximize savings. Expert help brings peace of mind–make sure you choose a payroll company with a reputation for accuracy and good customer service.

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