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Entrepreneurship Film Festival It’s that time of year again. The holidays, you say? Nope, that’s not what I am referring to. The shopping season? True, but no. Your store’s busy time of year? Yes, well, it may be that, but no, that’s not what I am talking about either. View
Playing the KPI Shell Game: 5 Marketing KPIs to Track in 2015 Have you ever played the shell game? The dealer sets an elusive object under one of three shells and begins shifting them around, challenging you to pick the shell that conceals that object. As the shells rotate, you try to pay attention to all three at once, causing you to lose track of the... View
7 Ways to Boost the Value of your Business In the constant quest to improve profitability, small business owners explore many options. They ramp up marketing, improve service, hire sales reps and try to upsell existing customers. These and other things can certainly have a positive impact on short-term profits. View
7 Steps to Sales Stardom in a Small Business Selling is part of running almost any small business. But small business owners aren’t necessarily skilled in the art of sales, nor do they always keep up on the latest selling techniques.  View
6 Biggest Money Mistakes Made by Small Business Owners When I started my own business six years ago, I knew there were some areas of entrepreneurship where I was going to need help—one of them being accounting. Money issues are one of the top reasons small businesses fail, so I made sure I did my research and found help. I asked my money guy,... View
A New Normal for Small Business Health Insurance Increasing numbers of small businesses are not offering employer-provided health insurance due to the high costs. At the same time, “Obama Care” (the Affordable Care Act) has made it easier and cheaper for most individuals to buy their own insurance via the new health care exchanges. View
Infographic: Customer-Friendly Websites Did you know just 51% of small businesses have websites? And many of those do not have customer-friendly websites and are missing out on valuable opportunities to engage clients and convert visitors to sales. Learn more about small business website trends in this SCORE infographic. View
How To Move To A Paperless Office Looking to make the switch to a paperless office? Or, perhaps you just need a better way to store, sort and share your digital files? In either scenario, document management software is your solution. There’s a lot of cloud-based services out there that allow you to store files remotely.... View
3 Questions to Ask Before Starting An Etsy Shop Etsy has become one of the most popular online selling platforms for hobbyists, artists, and craft supply providers. Although it is certainly possible to be successful selling on Etsy, here are 3 important questions you need to ask yourself before you take the plunge and open a shop. View
Tips for E-Commerce Success on Etsy and Beyond If you’re a small business owner who makes physical products but who has never sold online, Etsy is a great place to get your feet wet. This popular online marketplace helps sellers of handcrafted, vintage, or unique factory-made products connect with interested buyers. Once you’re... View