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5 Ways to Get Funding Before Year’s End The year is quickly coming to an end and there are probably a few things you’d like to take care of before the new year begins. Maybe it’s fixing or purchasing some equipment. Do you want to hire staff for the holidays or order new products? Maybe you haven’t even started your... View
From Wholesale to the Local Economy Wholesalers generate $6.5 Trillion in U.S. sales and create 2.2 Million U.S. jobs! The goods that are created are then pushed to small businesses for local sale.  View
Ten Tips to The Hire Checklist Tips for the hiring process through Preparation, Process, Interview View
How to Create Effective Web Content Web content is important because it helps drive traffic to your site. What is Web content? It’s any written material on your website. Use this checklist below to determine what types of content you may want to include on your site. View
How to Protect Yourself When Buying Technology For most business owners, buying business related technology is a stressful endeavor. Spend too little or go too low tech and you’ll find yourself needing to upgrade almost immediately. Spend too much or go too high tech and inevitably the manufacturer will come out with a new version or... View
How to Choose a Web Development Team If you do not have the in-house expertise needed to create your own website, one option to consider is hiring an outside Web development team. This typically includes the Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Programmer and the Internet Marketing Consultant.Use this checklist to assess each... View
How to Analyze Your Competitors’ Websites How-To Guide: How to Analyze Your Competitors’ Websites As you think about developing your business website, it’s important to assess your competitors’ websites as well. Fill in your key competitors below. Visit their websites and note which features they have. What do you... View
How to Leverage Technology In Your Business Technology can simplify, automate and speed up many of the tasks you do in your business every day. But technology can do more than that. By correctly implementing technology in your business, you can transform technology into one of your company’s strengths, enabling your business to be... View
How to Market with Ratings and Review Sites Today, many consumers do research online before ever visiting a retailer or deciding on a service. To make sure your business gets the customers it deserves, you need to be listed on as many ratings and review sites as possible, especially the ones specializing in local businesses. Connect with a... View
How to Use Viral Deal Sites to Create New Cash Flow Sources Viral “deal of the day” sites have become popular in the past few years. (Groupon is probably the best-known.) These sites help you harness the power of email and social media to attract new customers and create new sources of revenue for your business. Connect with a mentor to... View