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Filing Annual Reports for Business Entities Each year, business entities across the country file annual reports with the states where they’re registered to do business. The annual reports due to the state are different than taxes and not the same “annual reports” corporations give shareholders; they serve as a way... View
eGuide to Small Business Hiring Building your team is an exciting step, but some aspects of hiring and managing workers could pose a challenge if you jump in without learning the basics. If you check little legal boxes along the way, the whole process will be easier in the long run. This eGuide to Small Business Hiring will... View
10 Legal Steps Every Small Business Should Take – Small Business Legal Toolkit SCORE is proud to partner with Rocket Lawyer to provide information and resources to help you with small business legal matters. View
Hiring and Compensating Employees for your Bar or Restaurant Before your start hiring your work force for your bar or restaurant, it’s crucial to do your homework. Make sure you are well informed about employment and labor laws, such as laws pertaining to employee rights (discrimination and harassment, termination, safe and drug-free work... View
Intellectual Property Best Practices Intellectual property (IP) is the untapped potential of a business that is completely wasted if left unharnessed, but can be a goldmine when properly managed. Yet time and again startups and entrepreneurs, despite having a basic understanding of IP, tend to avoid creating an effective IP strategy... View
To Patent or Not to Patent Top Intellectual Property (IP) Question: View
How to Protect and Leverage Your IP Many small business owners don’t give much thought to their intellectual property, otherwise known as IP. But it’s an area of increasing importance to many businesses. IP refers to all of the intangible assets that a business develops – product names, logos, inventions,... View