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How to Use Technology to Speed Customer Payments Speeding up customer payments so that the cash gets into your account faster is one of the best ways to boost your business. Here are some technology tools that can speed your customers’ payments. Connect with a mentor to discuss. View
How to Assess the Cost of Technology Solutions The cost of owning and operating a technology product or service over time is referred to as the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Since the TCO may be substantially higher than the initial upfront cost, a TCO comparison can help you decide between competing solutions that at first glance may seem... View
How to Choose a Web Hosting Company Most small businesses use outside Web hosting companies to host their websites. Here are the most important factors to consider when selecting a Web hosting service. Need to brainstorm? Discuss with a mentor today. View
How to Choose a Domain Name That Drives Traffic Since you’re competing for eyeballs with millions of other businesses, your business’s domain name—the web address/URL that people use to find your website—should be decided at the same time you’re naming your business. Preferably, the web address should match your... View
How to Be Found Online How-To Guide: How to Be Found Online The goal of every small business in creating a website is to drive traffic to the site and drive more business. But how do you make sure your website gets found online? Connect with a mentor to develop a plan that works for you. View
How to Market With Online Videos Marketing with online videos offers several advantages to your small business. Adding videos to your website increases its chances of being found by search engines, which will boost your site’s ranking in search results. Videos are also highly likely to be shared by users via email,... View
How to Use Web Analytics Web analytics means reporting, collecting, measuring and analyzing Web data. Understanding and using Web analytics can help you understand who your customers are, what they want and how well your website is meeting their needs. Here are some companies that offer Web analytics solutions. Have... View
Privacy Protection for Business Owners Business owners are barraged with rules and requirements for safeguarding customer information and protecting consumer privacy. And stories of data or privacy breaches seem to be in the news constantly. View
Podcast: Computer Loss Prevention The SCORE Small Business Success Podcast features interviews with the best and brightest in the world of small business, covering topics such as business plans, financing, marketing, human resources, SEO, social media and more. In this podcast, SCORE mentors chat with David Spire ... View
Extra, extra! Best practices for email marketing Here’s a statistic that might blow your mind: Nearly 100 billion business emails were sent and received every day in 2013. If you’re a well-networked small business, chances are some of those emails being sent out every day come from your organization. And it’s easy to imagine... View