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Home Run: Score Big Customer Points with a Hall-of-Fame Home Page They say not to judge a book by its cover, but we all do it – and the same goes for judging a business by its website! In the online world, your website’s home page is like a book’s cover. It gives a glimpse inside your business’s personality and style. Design it... View
Name That Business: How to Pick an Effective Domain Name Registering a domain name for your business can be almost as daunting as creating your business’s name. And, in some cases, your domain might become your company’s name! Use as an example – the .com is included and consistently used in the company’s branding... View
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20-Point Online Brand Checklist Without a doubt, a strong online brand will help your business grow. Have you covered all the basics necessary to launch your business’s online presence? Use this checklist to help track your progress…and stay on pace for online success. View
The Basics of Online Business You want to be successful. Maybe you have an idea for a small business. Perhaps you’ve already started one and are looking to take it to the next level. Whatever your goal, SCORE and GoDaddy are here to help you launch your online brand. From establishing a lead-generating website to... View
Expand Your Reach With Social Media You’re ready to take your online brand to the next level: social media. By establishing an active presence for your business on social networks like Facebook®, Twitter® and LinkedIn® you can easily interact with customers and prospects online. Social marketing lets you: Make... View
5 Ways to Handle Negative Comments Positive comments on social profiles like your Facebook® and LinkedIn® pages, and feedback on local review sites such as Yelp®, can make you feel like all your hard work is paying off. Conversely, getting negative feedback can be discouraging. However, negative comments are actually... View
Website Security 101 Q&A with Lily Liang, Product Marketing Manager for Security Products at GoDaddy View
Create Website Content A compelling story is the heart of a successful business website. How did you get started? What do you tell customers about your business? How do you explain to friends how you make a living? Think about your mission, your passion, what makes you stand apart from the competition, as you begin to... View
Drive Traffic to Your Website Your business website is the star of an online brand that now includes the social media profiles you decided will best meet your online goals. You’ve spent time optimizing your site to help search engines find it, and you might have started a blog to increase your visibility on the web... View