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How to Add eCommerce to Your Website If you’re currently using your website as a marketing tool and/or to give customers valuable information, the next obvious step is to add ecommerce capabilities. Selling products or services isn’t as hard as you might think and creates a new source of cash flow for your business. This... View
How to Choose a Web Hosting Company Most small businesses use outside Web hosting companies to host their websites. Here are the most important factors to consider when selecting a Web hosting service. Need to brainstorm? Discuss with a mentor today. View
How to Choose a Domain Name That Drives Traffic Since you’re competing for eyeballs with millions of other businesses, your business’s domain name—the web address/URL that people use to find your website—should be decided at the same time you’re naming your business. Preferably, the web address should match your... View
How to Market With Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the three best-known social media marketing tools for businesses. Here’s how to use each of them effectively. Connect with a mentor to brainstorm. View
How to Market With Blogs Using blogs to market your small business can help you raise awareness of your brand, attract new customers, get media attention and drive sales. Here’s how to market your business with blogs. Connect with a mentor to come up with a plan that works for you. View
How to Market With Email Newsletters These days, almost everyone uses email, making email newsletters one of the most effective marketing methods for any small business. Whether you sell business-to-business or business-to-consumer, here’s how to make email marketing work for you. Connect with a mentor to come up with an... View
How to Market With Online Videos Marketing with online videos offers several advantages to your small business. Adding videos to your website increases its chances of being found by search engines, which will boost your site’s ranking in search results. Videos are also highly likely to be shared by users via email,... View
7 Tips for a Successful Business Blog Does your business have a blog? Should it? A blog can add value to your business as a way to generate leads, publicity, customer engagement and more. But a boring, poorly-planned blog won’t boost your business in the least. View
Three Reasons Why Email Marketing is Still Good Business Why should you still invest in email marketing in the age of Twitter and LinkedIn? How about because email still reigns as king of digital communication? According to Forrester Research, 838 BILLION emails were sent last year. That’s nearly three times the number of stars in the Milky Way!... View
How to Choose a CRM for Your Small Business You're sick of typing CTRL + F all the time, searching through your emails, Excel and Google Drive, as you try to manage your growing customer base. You used to be able to remember all your profound client relationships, but, all of a sudden, business is booming and you have so many customers... View