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Five Ways to Make the Most Out of Social Media for PR Social Media has taken over most conversations in the realm of communications and marketing.  Some people think that social media will cure all. The truth is that the technology behind social media has just made it easier for professionals in the communications industry to connect with their... View
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Developing a PR Plan Want to make sure your business's name gets heard this year? You need to plan for PR. For most businesses, the new year is a time for assessment, goal setting and strategic planning. When it comes to PR, this is the time to set objectives and formulate a clear, defined plan that'll... View
Jumpstart Your Blog Here's a regimented workout that will help jumpstart a new or stalled business blog and prevent you from being just another tourist in the blogosphere. (Please consult your physician before beginning any new blogging regimen, and always remember to stretch.) View
Managing Bad Press When writing stories, most reporters strive to present an educated, balanced view that neither overly disparages nor glorifies the subjects. It's not in the reporter's or the media outlet's best interests to present a false or biased article. However, there may be a time when your... View
Plan Your Sales Pitch Now that you’re an entrepreneur, you want the sales pitch for your small business to have a positive impact on your prospective customers. Don’t worry that you’re not a “born salesperson;” in truth, few people are. All it takes is research and planning—the... View
SEO Tricks: What Not to Do SEO, the practice of “optimizing” your Web content in order to achieve higher rankings on search engines like Google and Yahoo!, has become popular among many Web-based businesses. SEO providers make changes to site content, links and code in order to make sure search engines can read... View
Telemarketing Laws and Guidelines Telemarketing services are required to comply with several different federal, state and local laws that regulate phone solicitation. By outsourcing telemarketing, you can ensure compliance without researching the regulations yourself. Telemarketing companies face stiff penalties and fees for... View