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Can Your Nonprofit Raise Money Through Crowdfunding? Like all things entrepreneurial, crowdfunding has its legends. Most of the time the stories run like this: So-and-so small business owner wanted to raise $3,000 to help fund his new business idea and people liked it so much he raised $50,000. Obviously, those success stories are rare, but it is... View
Bank Loan Request for Small Business Readers who do not yet have the advantage of knowing you will judge you by your writing. Pay some attention to what you say and how you say it. What follows is a sample cover letter for a bank loan request. Note how much information is packed into a short letter, and that it ... View
5 Ways to Get Funding Before Year’s End The year is quickly coming to an end and there are probably a few things you’d like to take care of before the new year begins. Maybe it’s fixing or purchasing some equipment. Do you want to hire staff for the holidays or order new products? Maybe you haven’t even started your... View
Infographic: Crowd Funding Crowd Funding has been growing dramatically!​ It is the way many startups are finding financing. View
Networking and Fundraising Tips for Entrepreneurs Success in small business is not only about what you know, but also who you know and how well you know them. As such, networking and relationship-building is critical to successfully starting and growing any enterprise—something SCORE Foundation President David Bobbitt knows well... View
Infographic: Angel Investors Angel investors provide a lift to entrepreneurs when they need it the most. View this infographic to learn more about this funding source for small business owners. View
Small Business Financing: The 3 Things Your Lender Really Wants to Know I’m sure anyone looking for a job would agree it makes sense to know what a potential employer is looking for before a job interview. And knowing what a coach is looking for when you try out for the team will likely earn you a spot if you can show him or her you have the skills they want.... View
Understanding the Three Major Business Credit Bureaus As a small business owner, the need to monitor, manage, and maintain a good personal credit score never goes away, but you also need to effectively manage your business credit score. The first step involves understanding the bureaus that monitor and report on business credit and what makes them... View
13 Must-Know Terms When Applying for a Loan Applying for financing can be a daunting experience for small business owners. Before you begin the process, it’s crucial to know some of the common terms that will be used so you can understand what the lender is telling you. Here are 13 of the most important words and phrases to know.... View
OnDeck CFO Howard Katzenberg Reveals Financing Rules for Small Business Owners Howard Katzenberg knows a thing or two about how to grow, and lend to, a small business. A veteran of American Express’ small business division and former consultant for Swift Financial Corporation, a small business lending firm, he has seen the small business lending landscape from all... View