Registering Your Business

Learn from SCORE Westchester about legally registering your business.

Under an Assumed or Trade Name or as a Partnership

Most counties have a clerk office where you can register your name and obtain a trade certificate.  They will issue a trade certificate or a partnership certificate after verifying that the name of your business is not already in use.

There is a small fee and they will usually give you a few copies which are for yourself, the state and your bank.

Registering a Business as a Corporation

A certificate of incorporation must be filed with the Secretary of State.  These forms should be written by a lawyer as they are very complex and require professional expertise in their preparation.

If you intend to start a business that will sell to the consumer, you must register for a Sales Tax Number at the office of Department of Taxation and Finance.  If you purchase supplies or products to be used in the production of a product to be sold retail the Sales Tax Number will help you avoid paying sales tax to your supplier by signing a tax waiver form and giving it to your supplier.

For information regarding Federal or State government contracts, foreign markets, expansion, technical assistance in financial planning and management, call your state tax organization.

Many businesses require a license such as plumbers, electricians, real estate brokers, hair dressers, ticket agencies, private investigators, etc.  To find out whether or not you need to get one, call the Office of Business Permits and Regulatory Assistance.


Provided by SCORE Westchester