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SCORE and Verisign offer a variety of tools and advice for helping strengthen your small business' online presence.

Verisign Website Name Suggestion Generator

Domain name suggestions come easy with Verisign® Website Name Suggestion Generator. Just enter keywords that describe your business and this tool will give available options for .com, .net, .tv and .cc domains by using your keywords and combining them with other words, current news and trends.

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Quick Q&A with Verisign: Getting Your Business Online

Get your business onlineThe internet has become an essential part of everyday life—for work and play. As a result, there have never been more ways to get your business online.

This Q&A provides some basic information that will help you decide what type of online presence is right for your business. The term “online presence” simply refers to the different ways you represent your business online – whether that is a website or a page on a social network like Facebook.

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3 Tips for Building a Free Website

According to Verisign’s 2013 small business survey, 71 percent of small businesses agree having a website has made it easier for customers to find their business. More and more business owners are turning to free website builders as an easy and economical way to bring their business online. Created for the non-technical user, these tools provide easy-to-use templates that let you point and click your way to a new website. Building a successful site using these tools is easier by following three guidelines before you start.  

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Online Presence Options for Today's Small Business

Workshop on Ways to Get Found Online
The advantages the Internet offers are exponential and can help a small business not only get off the ground, but thrive in a competitive marketplace. But what’s the best way for you to establish an online presence?  Is a website right for your business?  Or are there other ways that better fit your needs?
In this workshop, sponsored by Verisign, we’ll take you through three options you can leverage – professional email using a branded domain name, web forwarding to an alternative web presence such as social media, and creation of a business website.  By the end, you’ll understand the ins and outs for these three options, as well as their importance in helping you gain credibility and exposure to your prospective customers.  
The goal is to equip you with the information you need to determine an online presence strategy that’s right for your business.

Workshop to Help You Create Your Online Brand
Branding Your Business Online

More than 90 percent of consumers turn to the Internet for information about businesses and products.  That’s why it’s critical the business you’ve built is represented online in the way you want.  

In this 1-hour workshop sponsored by Verisign, learn the key steps in branding your business online.  We’ll cover the top tips and trends of choosing and using the right domain name (or names!), and how to leverage social media, websites and other tools in order to build an online presence that positively represents your business and allows customers easy access to the information they want.



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