Mobile POS Systems

With more and more businesses going mobile, technology has become an important component for successfully managing a business. In this eguide, we'll take a look at several important features found in mobile point-of-sale (POS) systems.

Online PaymentTo better manage your business, consider all of the aspects associated with a point-of-sale system. You may be a photographer, a food truck operator, or a café owner, but regardless of your profession, you should explore how mobile payments and inventory tracking can benefit your business.

Taking Mobile Payments

One of the most important aspects to consider when switching from a fixed POS system to a mobile one is how to collect payments. Review these tips when considering the most appropriate credit card processor for your needs.
Size and Portability
Find a POS system that is portable, doesn’t take up too much space, and processes payments on a 3G or Wi-Fi connection, such as a tablet or mobile device.
Look for a processing service that offers online payment tracking and the ability to send emailed or SMS receipts. Choose a system that allows you to store a list of your products, rather than manually inputting the price of the product again and again.
Customer Interaction
Search for a card reader that permits you to step out of your truck, from behind your desk, or your store, and interact with your customer.
Look into any activation, gateway, monthly, customer support, or early termination fees that may be associated with a credit card processing service. Be aware of tiered pricing structures, where the price of each transaction is calculated based on different factors. Select a service that provides a free credit card reader and software.

Tracking Inventory

The most successful small businesses use inventory tracking systems to record what they have in stock, what they have sold, and what they need to order. Businesses that track inventory manually, or don’t track it at all, are likely to incur unnecessary expenses and unhappy customers. Mobile POS systems can capture data about transactions so you can make smarter business decisions. Whether it’s a downloadable file that shows the day’s sales or a barcode-based inventory system that allows for products to be scanned in, you should utilize inventory tracking in your business.

Never Miss a Sale Again

With mobile POS systems, wherever you are, you can immediately accept a payment and make a sale.
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